Alexandrina Cheddar Curd – 500g

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Alexandrina’s Fresh Cheddar Curd is simply a fresh, unmatured curd of the Cheddar cheese. This cheese is made in an open-vat using a traditional Cheddaring method, whereby the Cheddar Curd is stretched, milled and salted before being pressed in a special hoop. Alexandrina’s Cheddar Curd has a pleasant mild, salty and savoury flavour, with a unique squeaky texture. Not only is Cheddar a cheese name, the term “cheddaring” describes the stretching step in production, where the large slabs of fresh curd are cut and stacked, and regularly hand-turned, to ensure maximum extraction of whey and even-development of acidity. Alexandrina Cheese are among only a handful of Cheddar producers in Australia today who include this important Cheddaring process. Serve the cheese on a platter with any locally sourced accompaniment, or fry on a low-heat as you would fry a halloumi-style cheese. You can also use Alexandrina’s Fresh Cheddar Curd to make Poutine, a Canadian dish of french fries and cheese curds topped with a brown gravy. 33.8 % minimum fat

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