Comte Charles Arnaud Reserve 18m – Wedge

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It takes 530 litres, or the milk of 30 cows, to make one wheel of Comté. Only two breeds are permitted to be milked, the local Montbéliarde breed and Simmental. Herds are small, under 15 cows, so the farmers of La Franche-Comté have traditionally formed cooperative dairies or fruitières. They sell their cheeses to affineurs who mature the cheeses. This is a monumental effort, in which the rinds are cleaned and the cheeses turned regularly to ensure even ripening. One of the best in the nation is third generation affineur, Charles Arnaud. This family uses the long tunnels deep underground at Fort des Rousses, built by Napoleon over 160 years ago. Over 18 months, this cheese develops a firm, dense texture, becoming creamy on the palate. It has subtle floral perfumes, the sweet aroma of caramelised milk, a savoury mouthfeel and delicate zing to finish. It is a winner on a cheeseboard (Comté is the second most consumed cheese in France). Try with wines of Jura, such the fino-like vin jaune, French chardonnay blends and big-bodied champagnes. tinand delicious calcium crystals. The caramelized milk flavours are rounded out giving way to aromas of almost vegemite with complex meaty, savoury flavours. Enjoy with aged white wines, especially the Jura region of France or even amontillado or palo cortado sherry.

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