Grandvewe Cheeses The Gin Herbalist – 150g

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This cheese is one of our newest additions and we are proud to say we have created a way to reduce waste in a 360 degree way. Our spirits are made from the waste of our cheese (whey) and then waste from our Gin process is then given back to the cheesery to reuse. After Ryan distills his Gin, the spent Native Australian botanical’s are saved and then rolled onto the outside of our cheese. You will experience rare Australian natives with floral and sweet characters as well as Lemon Myrtle, Anise Myrtle, Wattle seed, and Tasmanian pepper leaf. When young The Herbalist is firm and moist with citrus flavours and a slightly sour tang. With age the texture becomes softer, absorbing the savoury and herbaceous flavours of the rind striking a delicate balance with the warm, bright sheepy quality of the interior paste. It is renneted with Spanish Cardoon Thistle which imparts an unusual moorish bitterness to the cheese. The cheese is modelled on a famous sheep milk cheese from the island of Corsica – the Fleur De Marquis. Excellent served on a cheese platter as it is visually very interesting. Drizzle with unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, and serve with crusty Italian bread . It’s herbaceous flavours pair well with a range of lighter red wine styles. Wint to match: Tempranillo or Malbec 98% of lactose intolerant People can have sheep cheese No Cholesterol Twice the calcium of cows milk Mono-unsaturated Fat

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