Saint Agur Blue Portion – 125g

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Saint Agur is a blue cheese made with pasteurised cow’s milk from the village of Beauzac in the Monts du Velay, part of the mountainous Auvergne region of central France. Our French speciality cheese breaks the mould by balancing blue cheese taste with a soft, creamy texture. This unique combination has been adored by cheese lovers for over 25 years. Saint Agur Blue Cheese Wedge with pear A mouth-watering combination. Calling all cheese lovers (or aspiring cheese lovers)! Uncover a delightful new taste sensation through the combination of our creamy, tangy blue cheese with sweet, juicy pear. This clever blend of two seemingly opposing flavours creates a culinary experience where the acidity of the fruit harmonises wonderfully with the hidden sweetness of Saint Agur. The culinary fusion of Saint Agur and pears has been long appreciated by cheese connoisseurs and newcomers to the world of blue cheese are quickly won over by this delicious combination.

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Saint Agur is made in the Velay Mountains in the Haute-Loire region of France. Master cheesemakers worked for several years on the manufacturing and ageing process to perfect this famous cheese for all lovers of veined blues. The strictly-controlled temperature and moisture level in the maturation rooms are what give Saint Agur its distinctive, sharp, fruity, yet mellow taste and creamy texture.

Nearly three months are needed for Saint Agur to become melting and leave the cellars of Beauzac.

The cheese was originally created for the cheese counter. This where it proved highly successful, Saint Agur quickly became available on self-service shelves, then in portions and as Crème de Saint Agur: a smooth, creamy texture, rich with slivers of blue and ideal for spreading or in any number of hot dishes. The latest addition to the range, Frais Plaisir de Saint Agur combines the distinctive taste of the original with a fresh flavour and extra creamy texture.


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