Tracklements Pickle Perfect Ploughmans – 295g

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This has everything you want in a pickle � a toothsome crunch, a sweet tang and a sharp bite. There�s no better partner for a ploughman�s, or a thick-cut ham sandwich. A classic pickle for cheese. Mixed Vegetables (Parsnip, Carrots, Courgette, Turnip, Onions), Malt Vinegar [Barley], Muscovado Sugar, Tomato Pur�e, Dates, Sea Salt, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Tamarind Paste, Chillies, Allspice. Refrigerate after opening. Gluten free (yes really) � although this product contains malt vinegar which can be a source of gluten, once the vinegar has been fermented there is only a residual trace left (our vinegar supplier also confirms this). So, by the time we have added the vinegar to our recipe the amount of gluten left is well below the 20ppm required to make the product �gluten free�. We also regularly test the few products we produce containing malt vinegar after production to ensure that this is still the case so rest assured these products are gluten free.

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