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Graze Table – 1m Flat Lay


Discover the elegance of our 1m Graze Table Flat Lay, ideal for 20-25 guests. Curated by our expert Grazing Stylists, this table features a luxurious assortment of cheeses, including French Triple Cream Brie, Italian Pecorino, and Vintage Aged Cheddar, paired with premium Italian meats like Prosciutto and Mortadella with Pistachio. Complement these with our freshly baked Sourdough, Silver Tongue Lavosh, and a variety of dips, pickles, and antipasto. Indulge in the sweetness of our chef-made Chocolate Brownies and a selection of fresh and dried fruits & nuts. Beautifully styled with native florals and ambient soy candles, this table is a feast for both the eyes and palate.

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