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Karma Drinks Sugar Free Cola – 300ml


Karma Drinks Sugar-Free Cola is crafted from ethically sourced ingredients including real cola nut and a blend of organic spices. Sweetened naturally with stevia, this 300ml cola offers a guilt-free refreshment without artificial sweeteners or flavors.

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Karma Drinks Sugar-Free Cola delivers a refreshing taste that's both full of flavor and free of guilt. Using real cola nut from Sierra Leone and a selection of organic spices, this drink avoids the usual artificial sweeteners and preservatives found in typical diet colas. Instead, it's sweetened naturally with stevia, maintaining the original Karma Cola taste. Each 300ml bottle is made with care, ensuring that all ingredients are organic and ethically sourced. Enjoy the clean, crisp taste of cola as it should be, free from caffeine, gluten, and... [Read More]

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DietaryCaffeine-Free, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free
CountryNew Zealand

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