Taste of Queensland Box
Our Taste of Queensland Box is a celebration for our Sunshine State.
Filled with delicious cheese and provisions from our very own local Queensland cheesemakers and artisan produce suppliers, you will be impressed with the quality of produce that are local to our own town.

Celebrate this Beautiful State

by ordering your Taste of Queensland box.



What's included in your box:

  • Eweghurt by Towri Sheep Cheeses
  • Pure Blue by Pure Artisan
  • Triple Cream Brie by Woombye Cheese
  • Camel Feta by Summerland Camels Dairy




What's included in your box:

  • Eweghurt by Towri Sheep Cheeses
  • Pure Blue by Pure Artisan
  • Triple Cream Brie by Woombye Cheese
  • Camel Feta by Summerland Camels Dairy
  • Truffle Honey by Hum Honey
  • Naked Crackers by Roza’s Gourmet Food
  • Baby Baguettes by InSeason Gourmet Food
  • Fig Balsamic by Willow Vale Gourmet Foods
  • Maleny Chocolate Bar by Maleny Chocolate Co
  • Plum & Pecan Paste by Jamworks
  • Custom Made Timber Crate by Oak & Turpentine
  • Slate Cheese Board
  • Timber Cheese Knife



Order your Taste Box Now

These cheeses and provisions are made by our incredible local suppliers. Explore these wonderful tastes today!



All Taste Boxes are delivered with our WoolCool packaging and ice brick which maintains a perfect temperature. Any deliveries outside of Brisbane are delivered by our Cool Couriers in a refrigerated truck. 


Our Taste Boxes are custom designed and packaged as one specific product. It is best that somebody is home to receive your Taste Box or we can drop it off at a trusted a neighbour if you won't be home. 

Taste of Qld Box has been made with love by our beautiful Queensland producers


by Towri Sheep Cheeses

Eweghurt is a farm fresh, hand made drained sheep milk yoghurt containing live probiotics.  A spreadable, smooth, savoury burst of yumminess. Enjoy on fresh bread, roast veggies or your favourite roast. For the health conscious, sheep milk is extremely high in protein, calcium and short chain fatty acids. This cheese is suitable for the lactose intolerant.



Pure Blue
by Pure Artisan Cheese

Our Pure Blue Cheese is made from pure cows milk.  Penicillium Roqueforti is added to the milk to give its unique blue/green marbling. A natural grey rind forms around the slightly sweet, tangy cheese that is creamy with a salty finish.  This is a medium aroma cheese and is best served with pear or apple slices, or roasted walnuts.



Triple Cream Brie

by Woombye Cheese Company

We take our Triple Cream Brie and add black ash. This stabilises the brie and gives it a very consistent texture throughout the cheese.



Camel Milk Marinated Persian Feta
by Summer Land Camels Dairy

This soft, smooth Persian Feta made with fresh Camel Milk is rich and creamy with delicate flavours and a clean finish. Our handmade Feta is a super star ingredient on its own or a versatile addition that will make any cheese board, antipasto, salad, soup, quiche or omelette a stand out favourite.



Cold Fusion Perigold Truffle Honey
by Hum Honey

Start with pure, raw honey, add French Perigord Truffle, cold infuse and let the flavours intensify. Our decadent Cold Fusion range has been infusing for a minimum of four weeks and is never heat treated. Indulge immediately or store your honey in a cool, dry place and allow the flavours to further intensify! Let the fusion add pure decadence to your cheese board. Drizzle over soft and blue cheeses. Top crusty bread with ricotta, prosciutto and figs and pour over the infusion.



Naked Crackers (Chia & Linseed)
by Roza’s Gourmet

Roza’s wholesome Naked Crackers have nothing to hide! Made with Chia & Linseed, they're a naturally fabulous snack.



Baby Baguettes
by In Season Gourmet Food


Fig Balsamic Reduction
by Willow Vale Gourmet Food Co

Flavoured using only the freshest whole figs, this luxurious Balsamic Reduction is something else! Simply pour it over a leafy salad or use it as a dipping sauce with crusty bread. And because you won’t be able to help yourself, drizzle it across everything from roast vegetables to ice cream!



Maleny Chocolate Surprise
by Maleny Chocolate Co

A special bar surprise for your gourmet box. Dark, White or Milk Chocolate



Plum & Pecan Paste
by Jamworks Gourmet Foods

The Plum & Pecan Paste is the perfect accompaniment to any cheese and is a must have for your cheese board. Ingredients are fig, gucar, date, hazelnut & Pectin and are 100% natural and gluten free.